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10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Extremely rare original breeding stock.
Lineage: Foodog f3 #2 x 2011 stardawg f1 #1

This line bred seed cultivar is one of our House favs . Terps and resins for days . All on a big chunky spear like Bush of dank . Huge totem pole chunky Spear wands . Terps of pine apple. ,guava melon fruit lemon , then gas fuel skunk all mixed around between common plant types . Lots of keepers in these things. Males are great for making some crosses of your own. . resinous and super stanky Late blooming studs . Very rare seeds avail on offer . Stocks are down to the last packs of the originals so if you like the generations the breeders select from and use to line breed the line further then any one of our breeder stash releases will suffice , including these gems . These have already been worked further so the originals are precious orbs of specialness . All the plant types still in there. Nothing bred out yet in an f1 . Happy hunting …

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