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Front-Row AG- SI (Silicon Solution)


Front Row AG – 10% Silicic Acid- Quart Size

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Front-Row Si – 10% Silicic Acid

Front-Row Si utilizes a combination of the most available mono- and di- silicic acids coupled with a cutting-edge proprietary stabilizing agent, fortified with micro-nutrients.

Front-Row Si ‘s -the formulation uniquely rectifies precipitate issues with a proprietary technology that stabilizes mono- & disilicic acid allowing for the delivery of unmatched concentrations. The stabilization elements are fully metabolized by the plant without issue and leave zero residues.

Front-Row Si maximizes solubility with uniquely chelated iron that balances silicic acids to reduce risk of precipitates

Front-Row Si is uniquely capable of being foliar fed, utilizing the plants’ stomata to absorb more silica. In test results we see increase absorption through the use of foliar feeding.


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