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Mass Medical Strains – Triangle Pupil (F) W/ Medi Pak Freebie


Triangle Pupil – 7 (F) Seeds Per Pack W/ Medi Pak Freebie

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Star Pupil

Indica Leaning Hybrid

Flowering Time: 65

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Triangle Pupil (F) – 7 (F) Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Star Pupil

Indica Leaning Hybrid

Flowering Time: 65

For years I’ve dreamed of making this cross, and I finally was able to make it a reality! For those who know Triangle Kush, there’s not much that compares to this original OG Kush strain and its intensity and potency. I’ve crossed it with my favorite strain of all time, the Star Pupil, and some really amazing plants came out. The seeds will be released this Friday, so here’s a smoke report on a nice 8 week pheno. I’ve never typed in all lowercase before, but the strain made me do it, so I left it like that for authenticity of the experience, haha!

smooth thick expansive smoke which is strong and heavy but doesn’t make you cough.
very dense buds which expand to a lot when grinder is used. buds are completely purple on the inside. amazing frost and bag appeal.
fingers get the most amazing og kush smell on them
i’ve been calling this the purple kush pheno, and wellgrownseeds says this bud reminds him of purple kush he used to get in the 90s! flavor is a mix of star pupil funk and signature og kush, intense and memorable flavor you find in the best og kush plants that the west coast is known for. the smell the smoke leaves in the air is similar to that on your fingers after handling the bud, very kushy and rich

an instant calming effect is felt with a gentle glow on objects, a soft focus and deep relaxation on this pheno. colors become super vibrant, like the contrast and saturation are turned up. art and objects and people are intensely beautiful. reading something felt like someone had spoken it to me.

i find myself taking deeper, fuller breaths as soon as i have smoked this strain. it seems to have both a relaxing and centering effect on the entire body. in larger amounts, the deep breath effect goes away and you’ll frequently catch yourself forgetting to breathe, instead…

this phenotype is amazing for enhancing sexual experience, allowing you to slow down, tune in, and enjoy the nuances and detail of beauty and enhanced pleasure 


overall i would classify this phenotype as a heady indica. it can be heavy and cozy, as well as positive and euphoric. it’s not a total sleepy knockout, rather, it makes life simply calm and relaxed to the extreme

music bounces off the ears in a nice way. some sounds send tingles through your face and body. super intense. 

this strain is potent and just a couple hits goes a long way. in larger amounts there are random bursts of adrenaline for some reason which seem to accompany a “level up” feeling of the high getting ridiculously stronger. peripherals can sometimes pulsate or vibrate, and it can induce anxiety and cottonmouth, it’s pretty fun and intense. it can get overwhelming for short periods of the experience and take you for a ride. laugh it off and turn up the music. 25% thc on this pheno. some will likely test higher, and I’ll keep you guys posted in the future.

if you like heavy bass music, it visually seems to bounce things with it a bit if you get real into it, or maybe my music is too loud.

star pupil also has what i call a “bass” feeling that it gives, which comes across beautifully in this cross too! it’s like that deep intensity that turns life up a notch in intensity and flow  kind of like how a song gets better when the bass starts, but just your own existence is that song.

the effects are fairly long lasting, a strong vibe for at least 2-3 hours typically, with a gentle and happy afterglow. no crash, rather energy levels kind of go back up after the cozy heaviness wears off.

there are also a range of other phenotypes to be found, with flavors such as an amazing candy pupil, strawberry, cereal with milk, sour, straight og kush expression, mothball mixed with pupil funk, and more. every plant is a winner in its own way, these seeds are a chance for you to find something special that vibes with you.

oh, and for some weird reason it made me type this entire thing with all lowercase. it’s that relaxing, i suppose.

pure peace. i am excited for you all to enjoy these!

We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! We take no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal. All sales are final.


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