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Twenty 20 Genetics – Made of Honor (F) 10pack


Made Of Honor

Type: Indica Sativa Hybrid F2 Feminized

Lineage: Sour Snow X Bad Girl (reversed)

Yield: High

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Currently one of our house favorites, Made of Honor is truly a match made in heaven. Our best and most coveted outdoor varietal finally joined with one of the best indoor and greenhouse varieties. An overabundance of sticky resin oozes from her at an unbelievably early stage in flowering. The terpene rich flowers reek like raspberry danish pastries, with slight vanilla overtones and nose burning, alcohol-like vapor.   This is a super potent strain and is not for the lightweights!

Notes from the breeder,

Sour snow is a well worked pedigree line that consistently produces amazing offspring. Made of Honor was created using the breeders cut (reversed) of Bad Girl and our breeders cut of Sour Snow (#13).   Her phenotypic variation is much below average with most of the offspring resembling Bad Girl in appearance with slightly less purple hues.  Expect high 20’s to 30’s in potency as both Sour Snow and Bad Girl consistently reach those numbers.

Notes from the Grower:

This strain is super easy to grow, has great mold and pest resistance and will excel in multiple growing environments including outdoor gardens, greenhouses and indoors.

 She is aggressive and grows almost continuously during the flower cycle. Don’t expect to keep her short, if you don’t have much headspace she is probably not a good choice for you.  Stalks and branches are generally sturdy but will require minimal trellising if you plan to grow huge plants.


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